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marketing automation

Five Marketing Automation Myths And Why They Are Wrong

This is an interesting discussion on using automation in your marketing campaigns and whether this is something you should be considering. Automation obviously reduces manual effort or increases the output from less resource, the same as other manufacturing automation techniques. Automation is a hot-button word that elicits a wide variety of emotions in people, such

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content curation

Small Business Marketing Tips #1 Content Curation

Small Business Marketing Tips #1 Using Curated Content Content curation is a term that many people have heard of may not really understand how to accomplish correctly. But it helps address a major issue most people encounter for they’re business. One frequent issue which is common to the majority of business industries. Whatever market they

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internet marketing strategy

Top 7 Internet Marketing Strategy Blunders To be Avoided

Are You Making Any of These 7 Internet Marketing Strategy Errors? All of us are busy with our own businesses, and it can be very easy to make mistakes in our internet marketing strategy, especially since the online rules  keep changing constantly. Few small business owners can afford the luxury of having a full-time internet

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internet marketing

Small Business Internet Advertising Tips

Best Online Advertising for Small Business and Tips for Internet Marketing Internet marketing, or online advertising for small business, uses the internet to advertise your small business to potential and existing customers. The web is very just a new medium for conveying information and internet marketing identifies how you “advertise” your items and services in an environment where people will hopefully find

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PPC marketing tips

Top 3 Pay Per Click Tips to Create Effective PPC Marketing Campaigns

Top 3 PPC Marketing Tips to Create Effective Pay per Click Services That Deliver Results These are our top 3 pay per click tips and simplest to implement. To create the best online marketing campaigns with PPC Pay per Click marketing. And lower your online costs. We see many businesses get started doing PPC Ads

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email newsletters

Measuring Effectiveness of Email Newsletters in Your Marketing

Email Newsletter Metrics You Need to be Keeping Abreast Of Many marketers are making the transition to email newsletters as they can provide a whole host of new marketing opportunities. Gone are the days of plain text emails you can now have full color messaging with embedded documents, coupons, links to other pages, the options

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Hands Free Social Media Management Services

Hands Free Social Media Management Services for Your Business Let us take another item off your to-do list of internet marketing requirements by providing you with social media campaign examples with engaging posts, pictures, videos and more to create your best social media campaigns to-date, no more boring posts about just going shopping. This done-for-you successful social media campaigns

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