How to Become An Instant Authority in Your Industry

industry authorty logosHow to Become A Recognized Instant Authority in Your Industry

You know its really hard to get into national publications like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox media; so that you can become recognized as an authority and a leader in your industry.

But the upside of this; if you can achieve this is phenomenal.

Once you become recognized you can use their logos in your branding throughout your business. Use them on your stationery, websites and social media.

You can include as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox media. This brings you instant credibility in your business sector to your customers and really works well to elevate you as an industry leader.

There are a number of ways to achieve this you could write a number of technical articles related to your industry and be recognized and  thus published by your peers.

You can write great content and publish this on your blog or website so that it generates you masses of traffic and industry recognition.

These are all great methods which really work but they will take time and a lot of effort to achieve success.

The good news though; I solve this.  If you’re now viewing this page I still have slots available to offer you this as a service; which can be achieved in weeks rather than years.

You may be asking how I can achieve this and whether I can guarantee you results.

Well the good news is Yes I can guarantee this to you. If you are a serious business professional; I am able to utilize a proprietary technique to submit your business information so that it is guaranteed you will become accepted and listed within 4 weeks, sometime sooner to get you this authority you need.

becoming an instant authority in your industry


We will write custom press releases for your business, product or brand which we will submit via our extensive list of insider contacts in a format which we can guarantee will get it listed on these high value national media websites and at a fraction of the cost of running a national advertising campaign.

Once listed your business will be able to legitimately state that your business, product or brand is as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox national media. You can then also utilize these media logos wherever you choose in your marketing and really be proud to do so. These will really give you a lift in your marketing and promotion efforts.

You can identify yourself or your business on social media for example, as per the above image. These logos really make your social media profile pop and will give your stationery and website instant credibility whatever industry sector you are in.

You can advise your customers and even your competitors that you are a recognized expert with your work published on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox media. How many of your competitors do you think will be able to state that. It will totally blow them away. And this will not be just an idle boast. We will genuinely publish articles on these sites on behalf of you or your business in a format that will be accepted and will allow you to leverage this authority wherever you choose.

Furthermore the logos identify you as a leader, increase credibility, conversions and lead to accelerated acceptance within other forms of media. Once you advertise this for your business you will quickly find you will be sought out as an expert and  leader within your industry.

Remember the first step in being seen as a leader is that you must act and project yourself as a leader. The acceptance of this in the market is more easily received as remember they don’t have little if any of the expertise and training that you have available at your grasp.

Whatever your market; by establishing yourself as the leader you will be seen as the leader. Just consider how much additional brand recognition and business you would achieve if you were perceived as a market leader in one of the following business examples:

  • Best commercial financing company Oceanside California
  • Best Cosmetic Dentistry Pasadena Texas
  • Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Austin Texas
  • Best luxury car dealership San Diego California
  • industry authorty logos


Remember this will work for any industry including Yours.

Use these logos on your stationery, your social media, your business cards, your website, LinkedIn. Wherever you choose they stand out instantly and they will certainly get you more attention.

This is not a gimmick we use our specialized contacts to publish your industry specific information relating to your industry on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox media and you gain the recognized expert status. You are then able to nonchalantly state that you wrote some business articles and these were then picked up and your work was published on these sites. Simple

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