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Is there any website on digital marketing? Where I will get information on online media marketing?

Posted by K. Srinivas

Hi, if you have a digital product to sell a good place to start is Clickbank, they have a very clear interface for vendors and affiliates alike. Visit them at:

If you are looking for training in internet marketing to specialize in media marketing I can also recommend a virtual university that will teach you all you need to know to be successful online, they also have a very complete clickbank tutorial.


Good luck to you.

Clickbank, sell and promote digital products online

Affiliate university, knowledge is power


 Is there any site on digital marketing? Where i will get information on online media marketing?I need country wise data to get better knowledge to manage media campaign.
Posted by

Personally whenever I have questions regarding internet marketing I go to WebPageFX, they are one of the best internet marketing companies out there and I heartily recommend their work:

Whenever I need data specific to Pennsylvania I go to Penn State’s Data Center: Http://

But if you need data across the whole US the Census Bureau has a great wealth of information available on their site as well:

What digital medium is safe from digital theft?I’ve done old-fashioned children’s book illustrations for various publishers (printed the old-fashioned way), graphic design for companies, etc. And I’m thinking of designing a children’s ebook for sale on Amazon or in the Apple store.

I’ve already designed and published an iPad app that’s selling, but I’m just wondering how safe are ebooks from digital theft (people hacking in and stealing the artwork for their own use and/or to redistribute)? It’s so easy for people to steal music, video, photos, etc. That I’m reluctant to try it. The iPad app seems pretty secure and has been selling steadily.

Even if I designed a children’s book and had an inexpensive print house in China produce it the old-fashioned way (actual books) I’ve heard that a lot of those publishing houses will print extra books and sell them to foreign markets and I won’t even know it (black market).

Any advice? It takes a long time to develop a book, or an app, and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with this issue? Thanks…

Posted by mrmagoo
What digital medium is safe from digital theft? None that currently exists, that’s for sure… If I can see it, I can copy it. The most you can hope to do is put enough obstacles in my way that I’m likely to decide it’s not worth the bother.

If you’re worried about the Chinese selling extra copies of your book in other countries, you’re assuming that there’s a market for it in those countries. It depends on what sort of age range your book is aimed at, but it’s probably only going to sell in countries where children are brought up speaking English. I can’t see a Chinese printer who’s looking to make a quick buck being willing to go to the expense of having it translated into other languages.

Also, if you’re paying for printing yourself, you’re probably looking at a fairly small print run – a few thousand copies? A pirate is going to assume that’s all you expect to sell, meaning there won’t be any demand for the book in other countries, because nobody outside your country will have heard of it. If you’d asked for a few million copies, it might be worth his while to run off a few hundred thousand for India.

To be honest, if you’re that bothered about your book being copied, pay the extra to deal with someone local so that you can be confident he won’t do it – or so you can sue him if he does.

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