Google Maps Optimization Services 2018 Help to Grow Online Business

Start Growing Your Business with Google Maps Business Optimisation

A great way to increase your business visibility online is making sure you are using google maps optimization services 2018. Using maps on the Google Maps Platform Services to list your business is a great marketing opportunity. Any business can open a Google account for free and the account includes a number of free apps including the Google My Business (GMB) app.

The GMB app is the easiest way to create a Google maps listing for your business and get it showing on Google. We recommend all businesses should use the the My Business App as a first step for some free traffic, this can also connect to your business G+ page.

Google Maps Platform

There are actually a few maps products from Google and it’s easy to get them confused. Google offers a Google My Maps which any signed in Google user can access from this link: Google My Map link

In Google My Maps you can create easy directions or share a map pointer on social media to an event for example. You can mark traces or routes on these, save them and share them online. These My Maps will not show up in the maps search listings for local businesses but are a great way to share public or private events for digital marketing.

You can view a custom map example here:
Google My Map example

google maps optimization services 2018 and Google My Business optimisation to boost your online business

Google Maps Platform for Business

The Maps that you need which will show up in the local search listings for a business are located at
You will need to create a GMB listing for your business to show up on these maps search results from the search engine.

If your business is not a common service you will see the Google My Business or local maps listing showing up easily in Google when customers search for it.

Google can now tell the area that a user is in when they search online and will show the closet matches to the searcher. This is another reason you need to understand google maps optimization service 2018 to get your local business showing in all the areas that you service or supply.

Google maps optimisation services 2018 to boost your online business
As you can see this is a less competitive listing for Google maps services as there are only 2 places returned

As you can see the above is a less competitive map result from Google My Business optimisation as there are only 2 places returned. This does not mean that there are only two of these business types in Google for that area, just that Google only knows about these particular two.

If there were additional businesses of this type in the area they would need to submit a Google My Business application in order  to be shown otherwise they would stay hidden from the maps. So as you can see this is a really good free traffic source for your business that you don’t want to miss.

Google Maps Optimization Services 2018 for Maps 3 Pack Rankings

If your business is a more common service with more competition in your area it will show up in the search in the map listings but it will likely not show up in the map 3 pack or snack pack listing as it is now called.

map listing for Google My Business with more competition
As you can see this is a more competitive listing for google maps optimization services 2018 with 3 places returned which is the usual 3 pack or snack pack view most commonly shown

As you can see the above is the more usual 3 pack or snack pack view most commonly shown with standard business types in the listing with Google My Business optimization for maps.

Showing up in the first three positions is the goal for most businesses as the search volume for the top 3 map listings will be the highest search volumes that will be gained from that search page.

The map results are now usually shown even above the first page position on the page for the regular search. This is prime first page real estate for the search engines and get your business a lot of views and calls if you can set it up correctly. This is why you need local seo service for Google maps optimisation in 2018 in order to ensure your business is the one shown in this 3 pack and benefitting from these high ranking and high traffic positions for your market.

Instant Google Street View with Google Maps

With these Google Maps platform maps you can also drill down into a map to the street view mode which allows customers to view the turn by turn directions to reach your business or locate parking nearby.

Google Maps Optimization Services 2018 for Small Business – Google My Business Local Discovery Form

Fill out the simple form above if you need any assistance setting up your Google My Business or for Google maps optimisation services for your business or even if you already have a GMB listing but would like to achieve better rankings and optimisation for this in the search results as we would love to help.

This is a great interactive graphic and which shows you the easiest way to get started with GMB and maps.

Google map listing
Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

Google Local Business Optimisation with Google Cloud Powered Maps

Google uses its own service Google Cloud to serve the Google Maps listings so you can be sure they are going to be available.

If you need any assistance setting up your Google My Business map or listing for your business or if you already have a Google My Business listing but would like to know how to rank higher on Google maps 2018 to achieve better rankings in the search engines then drop us an email or fill out the form above as we would love to help.

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