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The Importance of Using YouTube for Your Business Communication & Local Marketing

Why You Need to be Using YouTube for Your Business Communication & Marketing Efforts
importance of youtube for business communicationMany businesses are looking to make a bigger impact on their markets to increase their market share and gain more profitability. The issue to many however is that they do not undertake an effective or persistent marketing strategy for their business. Note I say persistent marketing as the key as many successful businesses will vouch is consistency or that you need to be persistent in your marketing efforts.

Many businesses we see with regards they’re marketing efforts is that try a little bit of this and a little bit of that but there is no cohesive strategy to their marketing. We appreciate that marketing can cost but we would recommend the importance of maintaining a marketing budget and a continued marketing strategy which is maintained as the business grows.

Many start ups will factor in marketing as part of their initial setup costs but as soon as some customers start coming through the door the initial marketing effort goes out the window. In reality what should happen is that this is maintained and a percentage of sales revenue is allocated to ongoing marketing so as sales grow marketing will continue to grow alongside so the snowball effect is maintained for the business and the essential growth is not maintained.

The following infographic highlights the explosive growth that YouTube has achieved in the past few years and the massive earnings potential that a well placed video can attain.

There’s no saying whether your video will ever be as popular as “Gangnam style” but we recommend video as a very easy marketing method to maintain and as the infographic highlights; one that can bring considerable market exposure whatever your market and for very little effort or expense.

If you don’t currently have any videos for your business this is something that you should rectify immediately. If you already have a video, is it ranking well, is it bringing you new visitors or customers? Do you have a video brand?
These are a few strategies you could develop to increase your video marketing efforts.

  1. Create new videos which introduce your customers to your manufacturing methods
  2. Take your customers behind the scenes in your premises
  3. Video interview your key staff
  4. Video interview your customers for product or service testimonials
  5. Explain the value or detail of your products to your customers
  6. Produce a slide show of your products
  7. Produce a slide show of your staff
  8. Produce a slide show of your sites
  9. Produce a slide show of your designs
  10. Produce a slide show of your past work and notable successes

So what are you waiting for go out and make some videos, dust off your marketing plan and start leveraging the effectiveness of YouTube to promote your videos for better customer conversions and increased revenue

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Infographic by MDG Advertising


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