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Internet Marketing for Small Business Recommended Best Approaches

internet marketing small business

Internet Marketing for Small Business Common Questions and Answers

What would be a good approach for internet marketing for small business  online that anyone can use and I can start right away? – Steve

There are so many ways in order to utilize your marketing strategy for small business. Social media is an easy one which anyone can use. All of us know that most clients are using social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and using social media is a great way, in order to attract them or keep in contact with them.
Another recommendation would be by getting their e-mail address so that you can then send them information on your company profile and product portfolios.
There are many other marketing approaches in internet for small business marketing if you have the patience to utilize them.

Best Internet Marketing for Small Business Methods

What is the best way to market my small business using the internet? I want to try marketing using websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? – by Elise

These are very relevant suggestions, but also consider Tumblr and Weebly which are very popular at the moment. One point though don’t just take the “shotgun” approach.

Target your articles and other content toward the customers you want to attract. Think about what your customers are interested in and talk about what interests them.

This will take a bit of time.

Try to avoid spending time and money marketing to too broad an audience, try and keep your online marketing for small business as focused to your customer as possible to maximise the potential of your conversions. Try and post regular content that will interest potential customers and will also help increase your business or brands online reputation.

There is a great deal of good information on attraction marketing on the infographic below.

small business internet marketing


Can Any0ne Guarantee Paid Ad Campaign Profitability?

I have a Bed and Breakfast and I also make custom jewelry, but my adwords campaigns are losing serious money. Is there any company I can pay a monthly fee and they will guarantee so many – Backlinks, Leads, Website Visitors so that they can guarantee profitability? I have looked at a few, but they are WAY too expensive for my budget. I have no idea about the web, but I do know there is business to be had. – by Conran

It is very easy to lose a lot of money very quickly on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads; so we know exactly how you feel. Also you must be cautious of sites offering to send you guaranteed hits or traffic to your site as these can often be forwarded traffic from random web pages that have absolutely nothing to do with your services.
Generally, we honestly wouldn’t trust any company or site that claims to send a guaranteed certain number of hits or guaranteed amount of clients.

Nearly everyone uses Google these days, so your best options for getting good traffic are proper search engine optimization (SEO), social bookmarking and careful, well researched use of Facebook and Google Ads. Using managed Ad-Words or Facebook campaign services such as ours as we have years of experience will ensure they are as profitable as possible to limit losses. Setting a maximum campaign budget is always recommended before running any ads.

Specialist SEO services is also something that we provide and is a much better solution than trying to do this for yourself. You can expose your site to penalties by Google if you progress any SEO back linking incorrectly and you should certainly steer away from a guaranteed number of  hits a month. Paying per leads is a different option and this is a viable option.

Bookmarking your site at popular web 2.0 sites is not a difficult task and will take you about 15 minutes a day and your done.

Adwords – you really need to make sure you are bidding on the proper terms and structuring your ads and landing pages correctly. Also, there are other paid ad programs besides AdWords, like Yahoo, Bing and Facebook which you should also consider.

Good luck with your business and if we can help at all for the delivery of any of your internet marketing for small business requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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