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Your Own Top Keyword Ranking Reports for your Business

seo keyword ranking reportsHow to Get Multiple Top Keyword Rankings For Your Website or Video on Google for Your Business

The number one issue we get reported by many small business owners is  understanding how to get the best search engine ranking results for their business search terms without costing the earth and having to pay tens of thousands of dollars for Adwords PPC marketing services.

The good news is we solve this.

The following are some examples of keyword ranking report in search engine visibility on the first page of Google that we have been able to achieve for our many customers.

page 1 ranking report

we ranked this customer in their very competitive market for 24 top 5 search positions and 35 top 10 search positions – you could be next

You know it’s a very well known fact that many businesses are convinced to spend their hard earned marketing budgets to promote their business online by pushy salesmen that don’t really know how their services will actually benefit your business but are just another service in their marketing package that they can earn a commission on; just like being listed in the phone book.  In reality there are so many online directories that you really don’t need to concern yourself with being listed in the majority of these.

keyword ranking report

we ranked this customer in a very ompetitive market for 13 top 5 search positions and 15 top 10 search positions

This is a really good local internet marketing strategy to get your business online but unfortunately what they don’t mention is that the websites from these directory links will rarely see the light of day and they certainly won’t show up in any search engine keyword rankings report.

keyword ranking reports

we ranked this customer for 15 top 5 search positions and 26 top 10 search positions

They likely wont even see the light of day other than when you search the directories directly for them; to show to your friends and colleagues. This usually means that the marketing budget that you’ve set aside for your website marketing does not then generate the expected marketing return, and is hence then dead money and you won’t see the essential business growth you need.

But online marketing for your business is a really great strategy as videos and websites are an excellent method for customer engagement which we absolutely recommend. The missing link in the strategy is that these sites and videos have to be viewed in order to convert to customers. This means they have to be found!

This is where SEO or search engine optimization fits in.

What would it be like if we could pick up your business and drop it in the middle of a crowd of hungry customers all looking for your products and services?

WE solve this as we make sure you get top website keyword rankings on Google and show up on the first page of the search results for the real terms that the people that matter, like customers are really using to find business and products just like yours. We understand the gold an SEO keyword ranking report can uncover for your business and we use these to get you the growth you need.

If you would like to discover how we can help you to achieve a top Google keyword ranking report for your business; so you get on the first page of Google like the following customers for your website marketing or video marketing; click here right now, or get in touch with us and we’ll get straight back to you so you’ll soon be achieving top search engine ranking for your local business marketing.


page 1 video rankingsmore page 1 video rankings

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