How Online Reputation Management Services Help Your Business Grow

Online reputation management services for small business really can help support and enhance your business reputation online and as a result grow your business. They are one of the main methods of online marketing service we recommend a business establishes. You should also start implementing this as the next step in your online marketing strategy, right after creating a website and email for your business.

What Comes First Reputation Management Services or Social Media?

Social media and reputation marketing really go hand in hand. As to what goes first in priority we would suggest reputation management before a social media strategy as building your brands reputation is essential for your business long term longevity.

We would still emphasise that you should create your business social media accounts as we can utilize these within our reputation marketing. But in terms of prioritizing and budgeting we would recommend a reputation management strategy be established before funding is allocated to a social media strategy.

Whereas a social media strategy will give you market reach this is all underpinned by a good reputation.

Any marketing building on a poor or a bad reputation is not going to be as effective as that based on a good or a strong reputation. So this is why advise the reputation marketing strategy comes first.


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Every Business Needs a Good Reputation This is Why You Should Establish a Reputation Management Strategy First

Quick Quiz?

Who Would You Call First?
Business that came up first in the search results?
Business that had the cheapest service?
Business that had excellent 5 Star reviews and a great reputation?

Quick Quiz Answer

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In a survey 55% of people would contact the best reviewed service because customers are now used to seeing brand reviews and using customer reputation feedback to inform and confirm a buying decision

Test this yourself.

Which would be believe would be the most chosen provider in the following search selection?

Which would you choose if you were the customer?

reputation review comparison

Did you pick Number 2? This is where you can see being first isn’t everything but being best reviewed is the best option for your business success

Did you pick Number 2?

This is where you can see being first isn’t always everything but being seen as the best reviewed is the best option for your future business success.

Having a reputation management strategy in place as soon as possible after the business is formed will help ensure that your key business asset of your customers are not squandered away when you capture them.

Reputation management should be considered with every touch point that you have with a customer. As every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to promote your brand awareness further and to increase your brands reputation.

Having a reputation management strategy in place will also help support the core customer values that you established when you initially formed the business and will support your ambitions that you developed at this time.

Unfortunately as a business grows and new employees are recruited to the business these initial values can be eroded if you are not careful.

Having a reputation management strategy in place will ensure that those key customer values that were established are maintained and having a reputation management system in use can provide the essential feedback that your values are being maintained and that your customers are getting the best level of service that you would expect.

How Online Reputation Management Services Helps Your Business Grow

Remember all those many touch points with the customer are opportunities to either enhance or reduce your brand reputation.

Having online reputation management services to provide the key indicators that customers are being satisfied will also ensure that in the unfortunate event that customers should appear unhappy or that your service reviews may be declining, the reputation management services will ensure you get essential visibility of that and can then put in place measures in your business, in order to resolve the issues wherever they are as speedily as possible.

5 star reputation management

The last thing you want to discover is that you have been receiving bad reviews for some time without any recognition of it. In this situation your customers could eventually dry up and stop calling you as the bad reputation spreads unchecked.

This is the situation you do not want to face as not only are you back to square one in the position you were when you first formed your business with no customers. But you will also have to then overcome the business bad reputation that has been established in that time and there may be no way out of that tough situation.

Publish Your Best Reputation Reviews to Your Website and Social Media Profiles

Our online reputation management service will collect all of your customer reviews in one place and let you selectively and easily share them to your website if you choose and appear on your social media accounts to further promote your business brand.

  • Automatically display the latest and greatest reviews of your business to prospective customers and help increase sales conversions
  • Display the good reviews on your social media to be shared as free good publicity and increase your brand awareness online
  • Selectively show/hide and edit review snippets so that you’re always in control of the content you publish

online reputation management services embed good reviews

How Reputation Services Can Help with Poor or Bad Customer Reviews

Our reputation management services online are designed to help you and your business to get those good reviews showing up better on the internet including social media.

Good customer reviews may are often be occurring verbally but usually without a service or process in place to capture and publish these they are often overlooked and then can easily be outnumbered by the publicly placed bad reviews. Bad reviews are often placed by customers out of frustration and because there is no business owned feedback or review mechanism such as an online reputation management service to capture these bad comments before they become a public bad review.

A better option is to have an online reputation management system in place that captures all those good reviews and publishes them online to build your business reputation. This will act as a first defense against any negative reviews.

customer review request screen

The first step is having a system in place to accept customer reviews and direct customers to those areas automatically

The first step is having a system in place to accept customer reviews and direct customers to those areas simply and easily in order to be able to leave a review. This needs to happen automatically so the reviews are a constant flow and it does not become a burden to your staff.

reputation management client reviews progress

The system is able to track the reviews so that the feedback is there for the business to measure and gauge how the business is performing. The overview report is a good metric for this.

reputation management progress report

The funnel view report will show how the overall rating of the business is progressing and areas which may need to be improved or additional areas where reviews would help promote the brand further.

customer review bad experience screen

Additionally our reputation management system will also capture a negative review within the feedback loop and channel this so that it is dealt with the level of priority that it requires.

bad review customer response form


Dealing with bad reviews and responding to them professionally can sometimes turn these bad reviews around so that the customer is eventually better satisfied or worse case the bad review may not be as bad as it could originally have been and you may receive some positive customer comments on how the issue was managed. Issues may occur as a percentage of operations and customers will overlook a few issues within a pool of good reviews. What they won’t agree with is a constant flow of bad reviews and no good reviews in sight.

Our custom review management service can also be tailored for your specific reputation management needs. Within it we can shape the responses you get from customers in order to fill in the blanks as such. So for example if we need to favor Google reviews if you are showing up poor on Google; we can prioritize Google, or if we we need to favor Yelp we can prioritize Yelp, or Facebook etc.

positive reviews posted on social media

Positive reviews are the goal of every business and our software rewards you for these as any review can be posted on social media which further accelerates your brands reputation growth. This is also great content to share on social media and gives you content that people love for free and that they also love to share to spread your brand reputation further.

online reputation management services customer screen shot

This is an example of one of the reports in the online reputation management service and shows how quickly new reviews can be captured for your business

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Don’t delay as we may close this at any time. There is no risk to you on this service as there are no long contract lock ins. We will manage all this for you so all you really need to do is keep servicing your customers well as per your normal processes and collecting their contact details.

We will do the rest.

We want you to be totally satisfied with this service but if you are unsatisfied at all you can cancel your license at any time. But please let us know so that we can work with you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Remember this is a licensed reputation marketing service so if you cancel you will lose future access to the review process system but of course the reviews that you already currently have and the new reviews that are captured while you are using the service will all still remain in place.

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