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Custom Page 1 Google Website Ranking Services

Custom Page 1 Google Website Ranking Services

 Congratulations if you’re viewing this page then we’ve still got some spaces available for our special Page 1 Ranking Offer.

Obviously you will be aware of the power of video marketing or internet marketing and hopefully you may even have a video and your website already produced for your business or services.

Is your website or videos getting you the marketing exposure online you wanted or need for your business?

If I could show to you a proven method which would guarantee that you could increase the customer views to your products or services and which would pay for itself every month would you be prepared to give it a try?

A really great way to increase customer engagement and conversions is by presenting your services within a video but the videos have to be viewed in order for to be effective.

So this means they have to be found by customers!

You may have been looking to take advantage of a custom search engine ranking service to promote your business so you can get more traffic from the internet but you don’t know who to really trust; or perhaps you may have been burnt in the past with a bad SEO or internet marketing service.

WE solve this! – We get your business listed on the first page of the results within the internet search engines, specifically Google which gets the greatest share of internet search traffic worldwide.

On this page are numerous examples of page 1 video rankings we have been able to achieve for our customers, in many different markets. And we can provide these rankings for YOU and you’re business even if you’ve tried and failed before.

Just imagine how much extra business you would generate if you were getting clients phoning you regularly every week or every day; if you had a top position in the search engines. How much would that be worth for your business?

And what about if you even had multiple videos or multiple search terms all listed at the top of the Google searches, all pumping visitors and leads to your business 24/7?

Scroll down for proof and check out just a sample of the page 1 rankings we have been able to achieve for our many customers.

We have videos for our customers ranking for over 20 plus search variations per video so this means that with only a handful of videos you could be ranking in the search engines for upwards of a 100 competitive search phrases.

page1 video ranking

To discover how we can help you in achieving the same Page 1 rankings like the following customers with video or for your website, take advantage of our limited offer. This offer will not be available for long though and to be fair we can only work with one business type in each locality; so don’t delay as the first business that contacts us in each area will gain the massive benefits

.. a PPC ad will get clicked at least 80% LESS than a regular search listing.

As internet marketing relies on the search engines and the different criteria that they change and implement; rankings do not remain static and may fluctuate over time – but our guarantee is that we that we will always be working to maintain your site or video rankings, ideally with as many of your search terms listed on the first pages of Google, BING and Yahoo as possible, with no long contract lock ins – If you are unhappy at all with the service or rankings that you receive you can of course cancel your subscription whenever you like! This service is designed to pay for itself with the increased earning and customers that it will bring to your business. If it’s not making you money, please let us know and we’ll do all we can to help change this.

Plus if you don’t have a video yet, don’t worry we can help you out with that also! 

page 1 video rankings more page 1 video rankings

Statistics have proven viewers of a video are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video

Previously you agreed if I could show you a proven method which would guarantee that you could increase the customer views to your products or services and which would pay for itself every month you would be prepared to give it a try. We can agree that the statistics have proven that a video would increase the customer conversions and if we therefore can increase the customer views of a video it stands to reason therefore that you would be able to as a direct result increase your customer sales of your products or services.

So imagine if you could convert just one customer a month with our services how much additional value would this be for your business? What about half a dozen extra customers, just consider for a moment how much extra value this would bring to your business.

Unfortunately our Premiere $2997 fully managed marketing service is now fully sold out but check out our custom options which are still available for you today and the extra value bonuses which you can still save on:

Bonus 1 – 50% savings on the first month sign up cost – we will waive our initial first month setup fee, saving you up to $1997

Bonus 2 – Custom keyword search report – we will generate a keyword search report to suggest the best and most profitable search terms we should be targeting for your business

Bonus 3 – Custom SEO site or video profile. We will generate an SEO report for your video or website so you know if you have any negative ranking factors affecting your site assets – We will also help resolve this with you on the Platinum option

Spare just 5 minutes right now from your busy schedule and click through now to the following special ranking offer and we can get these listings working for you 24/7 on Google in just a few short weeks.



Ideal Starter Video Marketing Pack

Custom YouTube Ranking Service High converting video ranking
No. of Search Term Phrases Targeted up to 3
No of Videos Targeted 1



Medium Video Marketing Ideal for all Small Sites

Custom YouTube Ranking Service High converting video ranking
No. of Search Term Phrases Targeted up to 5
No of Videos Targeted 1-3
Recommended for Multiple Videos

Our video and site ranking service offers you the following benefits:

  • No long contract tie ins
  • For a limited time we are waiving our upfront fees – saving you up to $1997

If you are unhappy with the service at all you can cancel at any time but please let us know if you are unhappy so we can look to resolve any dissatisfaction before it becomes an issue for you. We strive to deliver an outstanding service and exceptional value. We will immediately look into any issues for you but you are of course free to cancel at anytime. This marketing service should provide a positive Return on Investment for your business within a few short months. If you have any queries you would like to discuss just email or call and we’ll get straight back to you.


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