5 Benefits of Using PPC Campaign Management Services

Top 5 Benefits of PPC Campaign Mangement Services for Google Ads or Bing Ads PPC Services for Your Business

If you’re using pay per click or PPC marketing in your business. You will be aware that there are many benefits to PPC services, such as Google Ads, formally Adwords. Or other pay per click publishers such as Yahoo and Bing Ads.

These can be a very effective strategy for generating targeted traffic to your website or product.

But the question we are often asked is whether it is more effective to do the Ads campaign management yourself or whether it is better to outsource the ad management service to a pay per click PPC management company.

PPC campaign management services

Greater Depth of Knowledge for Google Pay Per Click Consultants From Managing More Data & More Campaigns 

Due to the fact pay per click strategies can be brought up online very quickly there is a danger of setting up the Ads campaign incorrectly with insufficient PPC analysis.

This means the pay per click traffic spend may not be specifically targeted enough and hence not so cost effective. Score 1 to the Google Ads company Pay per Click campaign management.

Specialist PPC companies especially those like ours with fully, Google Ads certified professionals running and managing pay per click keyword campaigns have a much greater depth of knowledge and proficiency in being able to run successful PPC campaigns.

These pay per click account management services can bring speed to bear on a campaign but with the greater experience in setting up pay per click ads the risk of mistakes and bad as spend is very much reduced.

You Must Include Negative Keywords in Your Google Adwords Management to Save on Your Budget

One of the most common factors very often overlooked in PPC campaigns is the use of negative keywords, You are using negative keywords in your campaign aren’t you?

Negative keywords really help to reduce the cost of your Google Ads campaign as they help exclude the search business traffic that you do NOT want. Score 2 to the PPC campaign management services.

A Google Pay Per Click campaign management services would factor this in when setting up the campaigns as it is one of the easiest methods to reduce ad spend but it does require some experience setting it up and choosing the right negative keywords.

Campaign Bid Management For More Cost Effective PPC Campaigns

Setting the correct pay per click bid management and Google Adwords cost per click is another important consideration.

A Google Ads bid too low won’t get you the maximum number of conversions per day and your ad may not be showing in the best positions.

This won’t cost you in funds as the ads only cost when clicked but they will cost you in time wasted and less traffic to your offer, which could be an issue if it’s time sensitive.

If you don’t know the best places to show your ads this could again be losing you funds as ad placement for best conversions is another important consideration. PPC ads can also be scheduled to run during the best sales periods and in specific geographic regions.

Knowing what type of bid i.e. Exact, Phrase or Broad is equally as important as negative keywords. Score 3 to the pay per click companies as again these are factors which are easier with greater experience.

Ad Landing Pages That Convert Clients into Leads and Sales

Effective ad landing pages are an essential component when creating an ad campaign. If you assign specific ad copy for different keywords and demographics.

You can dramatically increase the quality of the website traffic that you will receive from the ppc sites.

These make all the difference between a winning campaign and a losing or mediocre campaign.

Score 4 to the pay per click agencies. As they can offer advice within the pay per click management services. How to prepare a landing page which converts.

Again this is easier with the greater experience of these items and wider reference set of data.

Wider View of Data for Better PPC Marketing Campaign Creation and Best Pay per Click Keywords Selection

If you’re marketing your flower shop in Bristol you will know the flowers and bouquets which sell best in your area but will you know which PPC ad for flowers converts best on Mothers Day? Or which bouquet campaign ad text converts the best online?

You can of course test these yourself but specialist PPC management companies run paid search campaigns in different states, towns and cities.

This means they have a much larger pool of marketing reference data to base the PPC campaign ads on and a much better understanding of the best PPC campaign builder to use.

Using the correct keywords is essential in a PPC campaign, too general a keyword may get you lots of clicks and ad cost but these may not be the right keywords for your sales or signup conversions.

Again experience works best for this, score 5 to the PPC campaign management services.

Managing Profitable PPC Campaigns and Saving Your Valuable Time

Running a successful marketing PPC ad campaign should make a positive return on investment (ROI). This is where the above factors really come into play.

A good example would be as follows: if your’e spending £1,000 a month on ads but this brings in say 100 extra visitors a month which in turn generates you 10 sales and £5,000 in profit a month this is a positive Return on your Investment or ROI for short.

From this position there are a number of things you could then do to further increase sales:

You would look to improve your conversions by improving your landing pages

You could increase your ad spend for additional site traffic and customers to your offer

You could increase your internet ads effectiveness by testing different PPC ad versions (split testing) to optimize conversions and increase the CTR (click through rate).

Anything that increases the CTR generally reduces your ad cost so our focus would always be to increase the CTR.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourcing Your Pay per Click PPC Campaign Mangement

Will the Pay per Click management company spend too much money which I can’t afford?

No. All budgets are agreed in advance. As soon as a spending limit is reached the ads will be stopped.

Also you manage all the funds yourself directly so you always have full control on the ad spend. The service charges are for the PPC campaign management services.

How do I pay for the PPC ads?

You will use your existing PPC ad account and if you don’t have one we’ll help you open the necessary accounts.

This gives you full control and visibility of all the campaign spends.

This is one of the best features as you are fully in control of all the funds.

I don’t want to be locked into an ad campaign I can’t afford. How long does a campaign last?

A monthly budget will be established in advance and campaigns can be cancelled each month.

But you should budget for a 3 month campaign to achieve the best returns.

PPC campaign management services contracts terms are 3 months.

I don’t know whether to choose SEO or PPC for my marketing?

PPC is a good method to test out SEO campaigns as it helps confirm the most valuable search terms which convert for your business.

Many businesses choose PPC while they are building up information and rankings on an SEO campaign.

PPC can’t be beaten for speed to bear and is great if you want quick or nearly instant traffic to an offer or website.

SEO will generally take several weeks and more often several months to start showing an affect on rankings and a growth in traffic to your service or product.

I don’t know how to setup an ad or a landing page for PPC ads?

You don’t need to know how to do any of these things with a certified PPC professional managing your ad campaign.

With PPC campaign management services we will help setup up all the content for you. Remember we want your ads to be successful. So that you continue to invest in the traffic. And achieve the growth your looking for in your business for many years to come.

PPC Campaign Management Services a Win Win Scenario

I’m sure you’ll agree that you could manage the above yourself. But if you want to spend more time focusing on your customers.

And leave the PPC campaign management services to ad specialists rather than generalists. And make sure your marketing spend is being well managed. And earning a positive ROI, just fill out the form below or give us a call.

As soon as we hear from you we can get straight back to you to discuss and we can present you a FREE Campaign Proposal to get started with using PPC for marketing in your business.

Our PPC campaign management services include the following top benefits:

  • FREE No Risk Initial Campaign Proposal or Existing PPC Campaign Review
  • Keyword research for initial keywords and ongoing keyword management
  • Local targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Ad creation and Ad management
  • Setup Ad copy including split testing
  • Correct Ad targeting
  • Ad Re-marketing
  • Monitoring and Conversion Tracking of your Ads
  • Regular Campaign Reporting
  • Landing page advice
  • Landing page creation

Click here now to –>  Contact a PPC Campaign Management Professional Today

It’ll cost less than you think. And remember the time and local staff costs saved. And the ad improvements which could be achieved. With a specialist and fully certified PPC professional campaign management solution.

There’s no cost or risk to you at all for a Free PPC proposal. Or if you’re an existing advertiser, a free campaign review. So just fill out the form you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You could soon be on your way to a high converting, positive ROI (return on investment) PPC ad campaign running in your business.

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